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Benefits of Hot Yoga

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1. Energy: Yoga Asanas (postures/exercises), breath control training (pranayama) and use of yoga body locks (bandhas) all work to activate and balance energy pathways, giving you the vitality and power. Yoga will ignite your nervous system and create a greater connection between muscles. In effect think of your body becoming a much slicker, oiled organic machine. 2. Strength: By strength…

Why Hot Yoga?

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Namaste, The use of heat during a Yoga class has come up for much debate recently and you either love it or really really dislike it. So lets have a look at what all the fuss is about and hopefully we can dispel a few myths along the way. First of all lets look the reasons why we use heat….

Learn To Surrender

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Pranidhana is the last of the five Niyamas given by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. It means total surrender to the Divine or God. Whatever feel God or Divinity is from a monotheistic belief or a personal Divine purpose within each of us or collective higher nature of our consciousness the intention is the same – To let go of…