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Are You Living Mindlessly?

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We have touched on the what mindfulness practice is and the benefits from prancing the skills associated with this discapline. Living mindfully is and quote “remaining in a consistent state of conscious awareness in which we are accurately aware of the context and content of our experience”. Long term heath benefits have been discussed but living mindfully presents advantages int he present context too. If you’re living mindfully it is easier to recognise new opportunities and even side-step dangers as they arise.
Today, we will discuss the opposing living state, mindlessness. Mindlessness is an inactive state of mind that is usually created by a person living solely by ideas preconceived by past experience. When people mindlessly live life, they become trapped in a rigid perspective often unable to accept new ideas or see from other peoples view points. The knock on effect is that they live without much conscious awareness.
Mindlessness enters our lives in two ways but the most common is through mindless repetition.
Just think how many times you have had an experience of driving and eventually realising that they made part of the trip on auto-pilot. People also become mindless when they hear or read something and accept it without questioning or objective critique.
Another example of mindless repetition is when people learn something by practising it so that it eventually becomes like second nature to them.We often do this within our yoga practice, despite yoga being categorised as mindful movement we can find some classes feel like we have just gone through the motions with an almost vacant state of mind.
So What?
Well, first of all in respect to your yoga practice, the less mindful it becomes the less rewarding is may become too. Switching onto auto pilot can diminish your experience and the element of yoga you need the most, a time of little distraction so you can focus and just be.
Taking this thought into our everyday experience, when we learn life lessons mindlessly, we can start to lose our objectivity and discernment. This can lead us to accept all information as truth even when its opinion or even non-truth. The best example of this is in how we accept peoples judgements of ourselves. If someone labels you as this of that, living mindlessly can force us to accept that label despite it not necessarily being true. Too many times I’ve been told by stunts that “I was bit thick at school”, yet upon investigation that label wasn’t even their own voice or opinion. Maybe they didn’t enjoy maths so much but they we amazingly creative in art. Like many labeled and ‘truths’ they are all relevant to very subjective controls. If you living mindfully you are able to better protect yourself from the perceptions f other peoples miss-judgements.
Also of note would be to recognise that most disagreements, arguments, fights, and wars come out of the failure to recognise all all view points. People argue based on their own limited perceptions and often fail to realise that other people use different view points.
To reduce our feelings of dis-ease & live in a more balanced and harmonious state, we should consider how we harmonise with those around us. Living mindfully, being more aware of others and their perspectives would allow us to improve this.
Now let’s take it to the mat and harmonise the body and mind in s mindfully aware state.
Remember there’s not judgement in mindful living. The exercise you are about to undertake is encouraging you to move with a greater awareness and focus. It will help you appreciate your self, your body & your time alone. Put the kids to bed, turn off the wifi and TV. Click the link below (or copy and paste into a browser if the link doesn’t open) and use the Sun Salutation image as a guideline for creating the workout.

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