Annette Stroud

Annette Stroud
Personal Trainier & Sports Specific Specialist

Having worked with many top athletes including professional footballers and golfers Annette’s knowledge is second to none. Annette uses her knowledge of bio-mechanics and movement patterns to create bespoke programming that ensures all her clients achieve their goals.

“Want to know if it’s your nerves, muscles or joints and then how to correct and prevent it. I’m a qualified biomechanics coach and corrective exercise specialist and have helped many people rehab from injury and move more freely”.

“I can’t recommend Annette highly enough. She helped me to create a vision for my body and is a huge factor in helping me to make that vision a reality. She uses her wealth of knowledge to give me solid direction for nutrition and an exercise plan that worked for me”.

Barry Taylor

“Having worked with Annette on my golf fitness, I believe it is vital for those golfers who truly want to improve their games and who want to improve their swings to have a fitness program. I have improved my strength, flexibility, stamina and balance, which has in turn improved my driving distance, consistency and given me more energy.”