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Blossom Like The Lotus Flower

admin March 29, 2017 0 comments 0

Padma Mudra or Lotus Mudra has some of the most significant & beautiful symbolism found in Yoga. The lotus flower goes through a similar journey that which we experience during a Yoga class & our continual spiritual journey thereafter. The Lotus Flower begins life as a vary hard seed that is placed at the bottom of a muddy pond. Eventually the hard seed softens and takes root & begins its journey upward through the mud & murky pond until it eventually blooms on top of the water.

This journey represents our experience as a Yoga student. When we take our first footsteps on the Yogic path or even the opening moments of a practice we can often feel stuck in the mud. For many students who come to the path they usually express life has become like wading through one challenge or struggle after another & even our practice can feel like that. After a time though we root in & just like the lotus flower we journey upwards towards the Sun which in this analogy takes on another meaning. As we grow upward towards the light the murky water clouds or distorts our vision but the more we grow closer to the light the clearer our vision becomes. This represents our changing perspective on life & the clarity Yoga brings to our vision & truth. As we blossom we see the world for what it is, we see its beauty & fragility, its strength & its anguish. In amongst these truths our blossoming lotus flower finally represents us finding our Dharma or way & our gift we can offer up to the world.

Yoga is an inward journey that can unlock our true nature & give us opportunity to blossom into our true self.

For those that joined me last week we have had the opportunity to explore this mudra during our practice & hopefully experience our inner self unfold.

OM shanti


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