Taking Shelter In February

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The February rain reminds us of the need to go inside & take shelter. This month we will draw on this theme as inspiration when creating some of your classes. You’ve probably heard our teachers talk about going inside or occasionally instruct you to turn your gaze inward. A yoga class sits in a very unique space within the wellness…

30 Days of Mindful Movement

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On Monday January 7th I’m launching a brand new wellbeing campaign to encourage everyone to make a mindful & healthy start to 2019. The aim is to get you moving for 30 consecutive days but with the addition of awareness. January is the perfect time to become more active and often we all set the intention to improve our physical…

What is mindful movement?

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Mindful movement is a term that’s used along side many activities now, largely due to the health benefits that are often associated with the practice. Yoga classes are often labeled as mindful movement or mindful exercise but not that’s not entirely true. Yes, yoga can be a prime example of mindful movement at its most effective but not all yoga…

Monthly Theme – Intention Setting (new year, new you)

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Happy New Year’s Eve! As some of us may be waking up tomorrow with a sore head and a slightly blurry memory, I thought I would catch-up with you all now.  As 2019 approaches we are presented with an opportunity for reflection. We can all cast our minds back to the highs & not so highs of 2018 with a…

“F*@k you Fear…WE ARE YOGALIFE”

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Arguably the most debilitating emotion is fear. We have all experienced it, all been paralysed by it and at some point we all have overcome it. The truth is that fear creeps into almost every aspect of our lives but it doesn’t have to be our prison. If you want freedom from fear, you also need to learn how to…

Take Care Of Your Most Precious Gift

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It’s so strange how we lose perception of whats truly important amongst the constant influx of information we have to sift through. If you’re anything like me you wince overtime your teenage daughter drops her iPhone and follow it up with “you need to take more care of these things they cost a fortune”. We accept the payments for phone…

Why Hot Yoga?

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Namaste, The use of heat during a Yoga class has come up for much debate recently and you either love it or really really dislike it. So lets have a look at what all the fuss is about and hopefully we can dispel a few myths along the way. First of all lets look the reasons why we use heat….