Class Detail

Beginner Hot Yoga

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings”. -Dave Weinbaum¬†

Class Description

The perfect introduction for those new to Yoga and our Yoga Life family. In the slightly heated room you will learn the correct alignment of key Standing Postures and the flow of Sun Salutations along with their purpose and benefits. By the end of the class you will know your Down Dog from your Warrior and be one of the Yoga Life family. You will also be taught the benefits of breathing and how to calm the mind during practice.

Who Should Do This Class?

If you are brand new to Hot Yoga or feel a less dynamic class is best for you then this is perfect.





What Will I Get From This Class?

You will learn the traditional Sun Salutations, different breathing techniques (Pranayama) and standing postures which are great for strengthening the entire body. You will also meet one of the Studio Directors, some of the Yoga Life regulars and get a good feel of the studio vibe. The class will feature Yoga philosophy but in a fun relaxed environment that will make you feel at home.


¬†“I REALLY love the beginner classes. Meeting new people, sharing stories & showing them Yoga isn’t this acrobatic thing that is reserved for gymnasts. Its for everyone! You don’t need to do the splits or to shave your head & be a monk. All you need to do is connect to you ” Stuart Pilkington