Class Detail

Restorative (unheated)

“You are never too old, never too sick, never too late to start again”

Class Description

A balanced combination of sustained poses with attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principals. Mindfulness; observing breath and body (triputi) are an integral part of class. This style of yoga provides a great stretch and strengthens the body while encouraging students to calm the mind.

Who Is This Class For?

Everyone but the class is most popular with beginners and seniors who are looking for a less dynamic practice.

“Restorative Classes give the best opportunity to become body aware and really understand the essence of Yoga- the union of mind, body & spirit” Rania Fawaz


What Will I Get From This Class?

You will learn the subtler and gentler aspects of Yoga asana (postures) along with traditional pranayama (breathing techniques) & meditations.

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