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Sun Salutation Workshop 29th April

April 29, 2017 - April 29, 2017 11:10 pm 4143 University Way NE San Fracissco, CA 98105 United States

Throughout our yogi & yogini lifetimes we will hopefully flow through 100s if not 1000s of Sun Salutations. The sequence has become synonymous with modern Yoga classes & it has countless benefits such as helping us connect our movement to our breath while building strength, warmth, and awareness throughout the entire body. However, with improper alignment or lack of muscle engagement, we wont reap its full benefit & could even harm ourselves. Beyond the physical element theres so much to discover by delving deeper into it’s mystical origins, tales of ancient Gods & traditions or by learning the sanskrit names of each posture.

This workshop will take you on a physical & historical journey of Yoga’s most famous posture sequence. Along the way you will find muscles you never knee existed & learn some words from a beautiful ancient langue.


We will begin with 15 minutes of Surya Namaska followed by a 15 minute presentation & discussion on the origins and hidden meaning behind this tradition. Then we will break each asana down mechanically looking at correct alignment, anatomy & physiology involved & how to engage the body, mind & breath during the flow. This workshop will completely revolutionise your practice. Just take Tadasana (Mountain Pose) which may appear simple but when taken with full body awareness & understanding it’s an amazing experience in itself. The worksop will close with a refreshing juice & snack before a much deserved relaxation.

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The Workshop is FREE to Monthly Direct Debit Members as a thank you for your continued support (this does not include introductory offer members).

All over members can book online for £15.


The workshop will include snacks & a super food tonic shot to start the class & a snack & juice before our relaxation.


You will be required to assist in correcting posture & have your posture corrected by a teacher or member of the class.

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