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Saturday Afternoon Free Flow

April 29, 2017 5:00 pm - April 29, 2017 7:00 pm 893 Santa Monica, LA, USA

Another incarnation of the Shanti Yoga initiative & an excuse to get your Yoga groove on is our new monthly FREE FLOW class. A few of you will have done Free Flow practice with me before and while it’s no replacement for a class it does offer quite a unique experience. No teacher, no student, no plan just the pure beauty of creative, intuitive personal practice. There will be a soundtrack that has been mixed to guide you on this very personal and intimate journey but the road you take and its destination is all down to you.

At first this idea of practicing without a teacher can be quite daunting & it can put new comers and even teachers off. So leet me put your mind at ease. Your mind will go blank! You will over think everything & remember nothing!

But then you close tour eyes, you take a breath and you FEEL your way though a practice. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you are doing it. There will be moments to sit & practice pranayama, you may feel at times you want to do Surya Namaska over and over again, there will be times when you feel an urge to lay down in Savasana to be still & defiantly, 100% there will be times you want to jump up and down dancing like your at the high school disco (well I will be so look out for embarrassing dad raving!).

The class will last for 2 hours but you come and go as you please. Join us half way, leave after 15 minutes just do whatever the moment tells you. Just be respectful of the others practicing and save any conversations for outside the studio please.

There will be a welcome drink of cacao & macca that will give you a plant based energy boost & heighten your senses.


Booking is FREE online but if you would like to drop in some coins to Shanti Yoga its very much appreciated. The box as always will be in reception so its a totally private contribution.


See you on the mat Yogi & Yogini’s



Love & Peace



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