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History Of Yoga Workshop

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So we have got you hooked on Yoga but have you ever wondered where it all came from or how long its been around for?

“I know that” you say, “it’s from India and has been around for 4,000 years.” Then someone usually chirps up with “No, no it’s not! It’s 10, 000 years old!” and before you know it we can tangent off into all sorts of discussions…”Hatha Yoga is only 1000 years old isn’t it? Yoga belongs to the Hindu religion, right? but isn’t it’s also buddhist? but everyone says yoga has nothing to do with religion! What about the Bhagavad Gita book? That’s about a war! I thought Yoga was all love & peace?! Is Tantra Yoga all about sex? And where does Hot Yoga fit into all of this anyway?


Well at least many of my conversations with you end up along similar lines so I thought we could get together to discuss some of these subjects and then do a some Yoga & even have time to enjoy some food together.


Join us April 22nd 4pm-6pm as we examine the history of yoga and its multitudinous roots. In this workshop we will uncover the fascinating myths of yoga’s origin, the historical records of it’s ancient records and how it has arrived at what yoga is today. We will look at the ancient culture it’s believed to have born from & touch in the traditional scriptures of the Vedas, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita that its most associated with. We’ll also discuss the many forms yoga has taken over the years–devotional ritual, the personal & social harmony meditation brought, healing energetic treatment and the physical practice as a way of better understanding how we’ve arrived at what yoga is today.


We will begin with a 20 minute asana practice followed by 30 minute presentation & discussion while we enjoy some food prepared by Yoga chef John. We will end class with a group pranayama & connected meditation & finally deep relaxation.



Booking is all online under the workshop tab.


Monthly Unlimited Members can book for FREE as a thank you for you continued support (this does  not include those on the introductory unlimited offer).

All other members can book for £20 which includes snack & drinks.

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