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Introducing Hazel

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Hazel’s primary style of teaching is Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic and engaging style of yoga that links movement to breath in flowing sequences.
She invites students to focus on themselves,developing a healthy, happy practice that suits their individuality. Her aim is to have everyone leave theclass feeling great!

Hazel brings her enthusiasm to class every time, no matter what the hour! Classes are mixed ability (unless otherwise indicated). She is trained to give hands-on assists and adjustments, so that you can experience the asanas as deeply as is right for your practice. Classes include meditation andpranayama (breathing) exercises, with uplifting music being an integral part of each session. Agreat deal of attention goes into creating each class as an all-encompassing experience, which is oftenfurther enhanced with aromatherapy and massage.
Teaching Vinyasa Flow, Children’s Yoga (coming soon) and Warrior Flow (coming soon).

Book Hazels amazing Restorative Yoga every Thursday 7:30pm.

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