Mindful Living Pt.2

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One of 2018 buzz words must have been mindfulness. I’m sure you have all come across it more than once over recent years and yet it’s still quite a misunderstood by many. While mindfulness seems a very modern phenomena, its roots are as old as the earliest great civilisations of humankind. The foundational idea that by focusing our attention on…

What is mindful movement?

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Mindful movement is a term that’s used along side many activities now, largely due to the health benefits that are often associated with the practice. Yoga classes are often labeled as mindful movement or mindful exercise but not that’s not entirely true. Yes, yoga can be a prime example of mindful movement at its most effective but not all yoga…

Take Care Of Your Most Precious Gift

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It’s so strange how we lose perception of whats truly important amongst the constant influx of information we have to sift through. If you’re anything like me you wince overtime your teenage daughter drops her iPhone and follow it up with “you need to take more care of these things they cost a fortune”. We accept the payments for phone…