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Hello, I’m John. My goal is to create classes that restores the body & mind then uplifts the spirit.

John Brown

PositionYoga Teachers & Retreat Chef
Experience1 Year
John has been practicing yoga for three years now. His initial motivation was to lose some weight and its safe to say he did that and then some! Weighing in at 17 stone when he started yoga and now seven stone later he has fallen in love with this ancient art on a much deeper level. He is the epitome of the benefits yoga brings to peoples lives physically and emotionally. Over the past three years, John has also qualified in the Top 9 for aerial silks in the IPAAT competition and has been teaching different types of gym classes. As a former chef with over 20 years experience, John has invaluable personal knowledge and first hand experience of the struggle many people face in maintaining a healthy diet. “Complete surrender is like falling from a tree without flinching a muscle” (Ramakrishna)
My skill
Power Yoga 100%
Restorative Flow 100%
Vinyasa Flow 100%
Aerial Silks 100%
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John strives to incorporate more then asana (postures) into his practice and has a strong passion for researching various pranayama (breathing technique) exercises and meditation techniques. John has a growing knowledge of Yogic philosophy which he also builds into his classes.

You can find me teaching at the following:

  • All Yoga Life Studios
  • Workshops
  • Yoga Life Retreat
  • Corporate Classes

You will also find me on the Yoga Life retreats combining my 20 years experience as a chef with my Yoga knowledge to create a healing holistic menu for all the guests.

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