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Hello, I’m Stuart Pilkington My goal is to create an experience of pure divine bliss.

Stuart Pilkington

Experience10 years
Creator and co founder of YogaLife Stuart set out to build a space where peace, freedom and healing can be amplified. Having been a teacher for nearly a decade Stuart's first experience ended with him saying "I'll never do that again" & yet unbeknown to him something deep within had been ignited. Today Stuart teachers throughout the UK & at the Yoga Life Retreats
My skill
Vinyasa 100%
Restorative Flow 100%
Trancendental Meditation 100%
Personal Training 100%
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“The flowing nature of my classes help all students connect to a deeper sense of freedom and expression which helps them let go of the days troubles and worries. I emphasise the use of Pranyama (breathing technique) in all my class. Breath is the first action we take when we enter this beautiful world & its the last act we will do before we leave. Everything we experience between those two points is determined by breath. Control the breath & you control your mind and emotions. Control your mind & you control your actions & life.”

Find me teaching at the following:

  • All Yoga Life Studios
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Schools
  • Corporate sessions
  • Professional Sport Teams
  • Shanti Yoga

I also run a community Yoga & Fitness company that aims to share the gift of Yoga to everyone. Often the people who would benefit from Yoga the most whether thats physically, mentally or emotionally don’t get the opportunity. My Shanti Yoga aims to do all it can to offer FREE Yoga & meditation to those that need it the most so, if you know of a cause or charity that would benefit please contact me direct.

“Spend time with the miracle that is YOU! Learn to nourish & empower your mind, body & soul.”