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Time To Reflect

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The answer is yes, because we all suffer. By “suffer” I’m referring to all adverse experiences we face in our lives. Anything from heartbreak too mild disappointment can be classified as forms of suffering. We often consider the cause of our suffering to be a something external such as a person or event.
However our suffering doesn’t come form the events in our lives but rather because of the thoughts and especially the beliefs, we hold about these events or individuals.These beliefs create a pattern of reaction towards events and from here we suffer. We suffer due to our reaction to a person or event which is based on our beliefs and thoughts.
Almost all of the thoughts and beliefs we hold were taught to us and learned by us from parents, teachers, religions, newspapers etc. Many of these people cared for us and taught what they believed to be useful and usually with good intention. These teachings have not always helped us to have an abundant, full, happy, meaningful life. Our beliefs can close our minds and narrow our perspective which in-turn can lead to suffering as we are faced with events or situations that don’t align with our belief system.
Mindfulness is the process of questioning our assumptions or beliefs and exploring a path leading to the qualities listed above; an abundant, full, happy & meaningful life
We sit in meditation to explore the “mind within the mind’. We mainly sit to study, reflect and so to become familiar with the contents and process of our mind. We do this because it’s our mind and thought processes which determine our experience in life.
Mindfulness suggests that we can have the life we want, but it probably won’t be found by changing the world, it’s found by changing ourselves, or the world inside our minds. We can’t control what goes on outside but we can have a better control of how we react to it. Sitting alone, in deep reflection can offer us an opportunity to explore who we are, why we suffer & where we are going.
When was the last time you did deep self-reflection? How much thought have you given to who you are and where you are going?
Self-reflection allows us to become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings. Without self-reflection, we become disconnected from ourselves and others. When we are tuned into ourselves, we are more likely to be living with a clearer sense of direction & when we have a clearer understanding of who we are we can usually create better connections with those around us.
I’m sure your life is extremely busy and I understand how challenging it is to find a time and space for you to be alone and reflect. The challenge doesn’t make it any less meaningful and important. Even if it’s for just 10-minutes today, turn the TV off, get the kids looked after or tonight put them to bed first. Sit comfortably in a chair, do a few light stretches and as you close your eyes just sit. That’s it, just sit. Allow your mind to wonder for a few moments and then try to focus on breathing. Slow the breath down so you can really notice and feel the inhalation and exhalation. Allow yourself to rest, accept your mind will keep wondering off but when it does come back to the breath.
The skill of slowing the breath & speed of thought will eventually lead you to fall into the deeper mind where you can explore the True You.
Enjoy your week.
Peace & Love

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