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Monthly Theme Rebirth

As we enter March and approach the Spring Equinox, our theme for this month is Rebirth. The recent sunny weather has given us a glimpse of what is waiting for us in the coming Spring season. Emerging from the the Winter hibernation can sometimes be difficult. During the long period of the Winter darkness the body naturally increases melatonin production, a hormone that promotes the desire for sleep. This is the planet’s way of encouraging us to slow down, and as last months theme suggested, take a metaphorical shelter. Allowing ourselves the opportunity to rest during the Winter months is often disrupted by the modern worlds 24/7 lifestyles. Technology, economic pressures and advertising are all trying to stimulate us into constant action and often, to the point of total exhaustion. This dissonance may leave energy levels, which were supposed to have been replenished during the winter, at a low point. It’s no wonder that we don’t always have a ‘spring in our step’ as we approach the Spring Equinox.
For some this isn’t an issue and the seasons mean nothing more than an indication of what clothes to wear. We should however, be reminded that we are apart of Nature. We are part of the DNA of this planet and as the great Yogi’s suggested, living in harmony with Nature would bring us into a state of balance both mentally and physically. If we are to harmonise with Spring, then we need a spark to recalibrate the body and mind to the vibrant rhythm of Spring .
Fortunately, the daily increase in sunlight that occurs during this half of the year, has its own subtle effects which include an increase in happy hormone, serotonin as well as testosterone and oestrogen. If we add to this, some of our own mood enhancing techniques, then we get our mind and body back on the right track.
Heres a few ideas for your Spring Clean.

Spend a day rounding up the things around the house that you can pass on or send to the tip. Spring is a reminder to stop hoarding & make way for new arrivals. Once you’ve decluttered the house, take some time to declutter your mind. Think of your mind as a super computer that’s been collecting programs all winter. Meditate on these programs, the memories that are still harbouring regret, self-doubt or even pain. If they are no longer serving you, try to consciously make peace with them & let them go.

The word detox in one of those misleading sales pitchy words that are attached to so much non-science its scary. Your body is always detoxing and cleaning. Saying that, you can help it to do this job more effectively by making a few adjustments to your food plan. A short fast 2-3 times per week is a great way to give your body a much needed rest. Plant foods and spices such as raw ginger, high grade turmeric with peppercorn & fresh chilli are great additions. Shed layers of winter skin by dry-brushing before a shower or bath. If you struggling with sinus issues, a yogi tradition of nets pot cleaning would be worth a google too.

Your body will welcome lighter meals and more water based foods such as green vegetables, fruits and salads. Avoid heavy starches and salts that will take you back to the sluggish Winter hibernation.

To celebrate the coming of Spring we have workshops at both the Altrincham & Wilmslow studios later this month. The workshops are free for all members on a monthly payment contract plan. For those that purchase the single sessions, block booking & Off-Peak plans, there is an option to attend for an additional fee of £25, if there are spaces left after March 9th.

To book please visit the studios website or download the app fro the appropriate studio.

The Workshop Details
This Yoga workshop is designed to facilitate that awakening. It will provide an opportunity to gather and draw energy inward, and then release it outwardly as a metaphorical planting of seeds. The workshop will provide tips on foods to eat, meditations, yoga postures, breathing techniques and other wellbeing techniques that will all help align you with the Spring. Each participant will receive a booklet with all the information we cover during the class.

How to bookThe best way to book all classes would be to download the free studio app for your studio. Simply go to your app store and search Yogalife and the select the studio you attend.

Monthly direct debit members will need purchase the pricing option:
Free Workshop Voucher.
This is a free voucher that’s only available to this on a monthly plan. Once you have purchased this you will be able to book your free place.

We would love for you to join us for this exciting workshop.

If you have any question regrading the workshop please contact Please do not request informations from the info@ or other team members.
Enjoy March.
See you on the mat soon.

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