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Benefits of Hot Yoga

1. Energy:
Yoga Asanas (postures/exercises), breath control training (pranayama) and use of yoga body locks (bandhas) all work to activate and balance energy pathways, giving you the vitality and power. Yoga will ignite your nervous system and create a greater connection between muscles. In effect think of your body becoming a much slicker, oiled organic machine.

2. Strength:
By strength here I don’t just mean big biceps and pecs, although these muscles will benefit greatly from regular Yoga Asana practice. Yoga does so much more. Practicing Yoga will boost your immune system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratorysystem, circulatory system, reproductive system, etc.

3. Healing:
The power of Yoga to heal ailments and cure diseases is becoming an integral part of mainstream medical practice and treatment. Doctors and health care professionals are using Yoga as a means to compliment treatments with many hospitals funding the classes. This ability of Yoga to heal is nothing new. Yoga isn’t exercise, it’s not stress relief, it’s not stretching- yes it does all throw things but it’s a method of living life and healing and for thousands of years (6,000 at least for historical records) it’s been used for this purpose.
4. Flexibility:
Yoga postures (asanas) are perhaps the best type of exercises you can do to improve flexibility. Loads of personal trainers and sports therapist are fantastic with their flexibility programming and the best of them understand the importance of flexibility to health, performance and strength. Flexibility is essential for avoiding injuries as well as for improving the health of the joints, tendons and muscles.

5. Peace:
Our inflated ego often stops us from recognizing the need for peace, bliss, stillness. Peace can be defined as many things but essentially it’s an absence of war or stress, pain, tension. We all suffer from this. I wouldn’t even use the term experience, I would use the word suffer! Life is hard, it’s fast, it’s super competative and what we all need is calm and peace. We never stop to appreciate things or even relect on why we are stressed or upset. There’s always a distraction or responsibility to deal with. Yoga meditations and asana practice promotes a greater awareness and appreciation of the present moment, whoch calms the mind and allows us to find moments of bliss or peace.

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