• Burn fat
  • Core Strength & Tone
  • Dynamic
  • Energising

Power Yoga

A dynamic workout-style yoga class aiming to improve strength, muscle tone and flexibility. This upbeat, faster flowing class will leave you dripping in sweat and in need of a well-earned relaxation to end the class.

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Power Yoga involves lots of toning and strengthening exercises for your legs, bum, core and arms. You will burn fat, tone up, improve muscle strength and flexibility. Be prepared to sweat and burn away all the stresses of the day. The practice closes with well earned relaxation!

It’s a high intensity class, heated and a sweat fest! So not suitable for complete beginners. It’s a perfect progression after trying our Hot Vinyasa Yoga classes.

Level: All / Intermediate


  • Fitness, fat burn, strength, tone up, flexibility, core
  • Focus, kick asana determination, mastery of your mind
  • Yogic breathing, power postures, deep meditation, visualisation

Incredibly talented & supportive teachers, warm friendly atmosphere (not to mentioned the heat!) with awesome music & mood enhancing oils / aromas. Love it!

Lyndsey Jelly

Enjoy the moment.