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Latest Teacher Training Course – Autumn 2018

Even as Yoga teachers we are continually learning, practicing and exploring who we are as a teacher and what part yoga is playing in our lives.


During the summer of 2018 I searched for a while to see who I would like to expand my teacher with.  How I would fit in taking chunks of time away from work and the family until  I spotted a great opportunity!!


I found a 4 day course with a teacher that I have admired for some time that I could make(@Adam Husler).  Best of all the course was in Vienna.  Well someone has to do it. J


The course was focused on exploring many aspects around Vinyasa yoga – linking our movement to breath and the physicality of yoga.


So EasyJet flight and an Air B&B booked onwards to Austria of I went.


Firstly, a really easy city to navigate from the airport to the centre.  Trains, trams, taxi’s everywhere.  The course began early with an warm introduction (the people not the room) and then a 2 hour master class.  We began the most beautiful (and powerful) practice that stretched, extended and aligned every tissue in my body.


We then explored the sequence, why was it structured in that way, the planes of motion in our bodies and what the actual pose is trying to emulate or suggest.


The evening finished with another 2 hour master class (different but complimentary sequence) that invoked such strength, power and a mediation calmed my mind.


Let’s say I slept well that evening and the next couple of days, I ached in places that I never knew existed!!!  You are reminded what Yoga is like when you first start your practice.


It’s all too easy for us to become robotic and ‘FLOW’ in the sequence without mindful movements.  It’s common for us to move the body in exactly the same way (Of course I know downward dog Adam!) however breaking down the pose, the movement and understanding anatomically why it is there blew my mind.


The course was hosted by @Yogalexia who made sure I knew all the best coffee houses in Veinna (I mean seriously) and created an environment of care, support and warmth during my time in Vienna.


For me I learnt so much about myself, me as a teacher and I have to say a couple of pitfalls I had already found myself in ( I must time the music perfectly to every flow)


There is a reason why Yogi is referred to as a practice.  We are continually learning, understanding as well as stretching!  The stunning images we see on social media (Yes I know they are stunning) don’t often convey the level of practice, focus or why that particular pose is important to that person.


Food  – Amazing

Coffee – Please

Adam – Master

Alexia – Beautiful Soul

Vienna  – Stunning


Ian – Bursting with knowledge

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