18 January 2020

Mindfulness Tips During Lockdown

Lockdown restrictions have taken their toll on everybody. And as the whole of the UK is currently in the midst of their second full lockdown, people are having to adjust to the “new normal.’ With that in mind, it’s only natural to experience ups and downs and whilst there’s no “right” way to feel, there are some things we can do for our own physical and mental health during this time.

Here are our top tips for staying mindful during lockdown:

Try and stick to a routine

Many of us are currently working from home, and whilst there are some definitive perks to that, a lack of commute and no shop bought sandwiches for lunch to name a few, it can also take a toll on our mental health. Whilst working from home it’s so important to stick to some sort of routine. Get up at the same time everyday, change out of your pjs and take regular breaks. Just like you would in the office. And remember to set boundaries about working times. Just because you work until 5pm at the dining table doesn’t mean you need to respond to work emails whilst you’re eating your dinner.

If you’re not currently working, having a routine can add some structure and purpose to your day.

Limit social media and screen time

In this day and age it can feel like we’re glued to our screens, and with not much else to do during lockdown, the amount of time we spend looking at our phones and scrolling social media is going up. But this is known to have a detrimental effect on our mental health. Try to limit the amount of time you spend looking at your screen and instead fill your time with other activities. You don’t have to learn a new skill and there’s no pressure to be as productive as possible during this time. Although if you want to that’s fine! But simply having a bath, reading a book, playing a game with someone in your household, listening to music or doing a little meditation practice. 

Practice mindful eating

Because we’re at home a lot more it can be really easy to fall into the habit of mindless eating. Especially being in such close proximity to the kitchen! Now we’re not telling you to go on a diet, that’s far from what we’re saying. But mindless snacking when we’re bored or sad isn’t the best way to enjoy food and can leave us feeling bloated and lethargic. Take the time out to cook healthy and nutritious food and meals that you truly enjoy, savouring them as you eat. And of course if you want to eat something “unhealthy” that’s okay too – but try to stay away from absent minded snacking.

Get moving

A little bit of exercise every single day can do wonders for the mind and body. Exercise can lift your mood and just get the blood flowing to keep us energised. Exercise doesn’t have to be an intense HIIT workout (but if that’s what you like go for it!) it can be something as gentle as a 30 minute stroll around your local park. As we’re only really permitted to exercise outside once per day, it’s worth looking into what online classes are available to you.

Whilst our yoga studios are sadly closed, we’re doing online yoga classes that you can do from home. We’re offering a full online timetable with over 20 classes a week to help strengthen your body and calm your mind during this difficult time. Whilst we love seeing you face to face the great thing about our online yoga classes is that there’s absolutely no pressure, so even if you’re not feeling great you can join in without having to leave your home.