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Start Your Day With Yoga

Morning practice is THE opportunity to set a tone for the day. With the pace and demands of life it’s easy to drag yourself out of bed, neck a coffee and race out the door.

It would be so much better if we took a few moments in silence to tap into ourselves and consider what we need to cultivate for the day ahead. Then you can reflect that in a morning asana practice.

You can start the day dynamically or slow down your practice to tune in to the natural rhythms your mind & body is searching for.

Be flexible, tune into you, align with breath and start the day as you mean it to go on.


Aligning with breath helps steady and focus the mind for the day ahead. You will be less reactive and more considered in your approach to potential challenges or stresses in the morning ahead.
Wide Awake & Energised! It’s an inbuilt mechanism to stretch out when we need an energy boost or lift in our mood. So just think the boost you get from taking that “stretch” a little further.
Better Food Choices. Studies have continually shown that being more mindful and starting the day in a healthy positive way leads to making healthy more positive food choices during the day.
Get Exactly What You Need. Sometimes things move so fast we don’t really know what we need from moment to moment but taking the time at the start of your day to check in with your emotions and energies will help. If you need more energy then use fire breath or a more flowing dynamic Yang practice but if you feel jaded or anxious you can use breath of victory and a more lunar based restorative practice.
Try to make this a part of your daily routine. Don’t focus on spending a great deal of time on the practice but more that it becomes regular. This will give your mind & body a rhythm that will guide your days.

Love & Light


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