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Taking Shelter In February

The February rain reminds us of the need to go inside & take shelter. This month we will draw on this theme as inspiration when creating some of your classes.

You’ve probably heard our teachers talk about going inside or occasionally instruct you to turn your gaze inward. A yoga class sits in a very unique space within the wellness and fitness world. Each class has its physical demands and so improves the health of all its participants but then so do many fitness classes and activities. Meditation & even many wellbeing treatments such as massage offer both mental relaxation and clarity. Yoga’s uniqueness comes in that it offers both of these elements. While meeting the physical challenges of each posture, you are also taught how to focus your mind. This mental focus helps the mind to slow down, relax and often leads us to become more reflective. It’s not unusual for a yoga class to release an emotion and you feel a shiver or maybe even the onset of tears. A yoga class is an opportunity to reconnect to the deeper self. For a brief moment you’re just you. Nowhere to go, no-one to impress or be responsible for. Our minds are so used to contending with so many aspects of our lives and all at the same time. So when you hit the pause on those parts of your life, you can tune in and connect.

One of the most powerful human needs is the one for connection. We all want a feeling of community, to feel we belong and we hope that the people in our lives both encourage and support us at all times. Connection offers us a feeling of purpose yet we rarely take enough time to connect to ourselves. For thousands of years yoga has emphasised the benefits of this self connection. Many of yogas classical texts had this as a central theme and now that western science has advanced enough to tests these claims, neuroscientists and Dr’s are championing this ancient practice.

So, this month when you walk into the studio, think of it as your time to shelter. Turn off your phone & give yourself some attention.

Enjoy February.






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