• De-stress
  • Fluid
  • Relax / Improve sleep

Slow Flow Yoga

A sequence of flowing yoga postures that encourages linking breath and movement. The class is a mid-way point between the physicality of our HIIT and Power yoga and the relaxation of our Restorative Yoga classes.

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Slow Flow classes offer beginners a flow class that is slower paced and less intense. It’s the perfect place for beginners to start their Yogalife journey and those wanting to reconnect with their practice.

Expect slower moving postures that will improve strength and flexibility. This style of yoga focuses on alignment and links movement with breath to create a challenging but accessible class for everyone.

It is also excellent for upper body strength and stamina as well as improving core strength. It is suitable for all levels, particularly those new to Yogalife.

Level: All / Beginners

Benefits of Slow Flow Yoga:

  • A more gentle tone up of the muscles, joint strength, flexibility, mobility
  • Patience, breath connection, inner focus, self awareness
  • Slow long but strong posters, static strength
  • Soothing peaceful meditation, improves sleep

Incredibly talented & supportive teachers, warm friendly atmosphere (not to mentioned the heat!) with awesome music & mood enhancing oils / aromas. Love it!

Lyndsey Jelly

Enjoy the moment.