What type of yoga is available at Yogalife?

Yogalife has a magical mix of Ashtanga, Hatha yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Tantra, and HIIT yoga, we combine the ancient practice of yoga & yogic sciences with the very latest health & wellbeing sciences such as static and high intensive interval training (HIIT), wim hof breathing method, NLP, life coaching visualisation and mediations techniques, animal movement and callisthenics, all set in a environment specially designed to enhance your experience using aroma therapy oils, binaural beast sound vibrations, and mood enhancing light therapy, oh yes be prepared to have your mind blown!!!!!

The founders Gareth and Stuart have been in the health and well-being industry for a combined wisdom of over 45 years, there thirst for knowledge and helping people to achieve there best is there drive, they use all this knowledge to create a very unique experience and luckily for them and you they have a team of some of the best teachers in the north west.

Our aim was to create a place to practice for absolutely everyone, from beginner right through to the advanced yogi and all in between, so what are you waiting for? come join the yogalife movement!

What class should I try first?

All our classes are suitable for everyone’s wants and needs, we find the best way is to have a go of as many different classes as possible, (our £45 unlimited is perfect for this) yoga was designed with no ego in mind, so if you select a class that is physically tough, hard to keep up with or struggle with the postures, then that’s fine, you can rest as much as you want and join back in when you’re ready, some of you will love the challenge of this and will make you more determined to come back, some of you may feel its not for you at this time, so you then try another more slower class, we often find that you choose a class depending on what you need on that day, for example you may have had a tough day so want to go explosive in a power class to get any anger or pent up frustration out in the class, or on another day you may feel the same anger and frustration but need to be slowed down and have a more calming fluid class, the more you practice the better understanding you have of your body, and thats what yoga is all about.

The magic of yoga is that you can tick all your physical and mental well-being goals in one place if you have variety to the classes you attend, you will undoubtedly have favourites but if you have a good balance of a physically strong class, which burns calories and builds strength removes anger, then a flowing more complicated choreographed class that works more on your cardiovascular system, balance and motor skills, and a slower more restorative class that really concentrates on flexibly, stilling the mind and patience then you are armed with Swiss Army knife like skills to take on anything life throws at you.

Top tips for your first hot yoga class
  • Don’t hide at the back of class, we want to be able to help and assist you easily.
    Focus on your breathing throughout the class and enjoy it
  • If you start to feel dizzy or if you are getting lost with your posters and you don’t know your left from your right, don’t worry it’s totally normal, everyone does that. so just smile at yourself, take child’s pose, or just sit and take time re group and Join back in when your ready.
  • Never work or punch yourself into pain, your practice should be challenging and definitely not a competition, stay focused on you because its all about you at Yogalife, if you have a question alway ask the teacher at the end of class, or if you remember the start of the next class, we are there for you.
  • If you’re new to the heat and it starts to feel uncomfortable in the beginning, don’t worry, you will get use to it over a few classes, being able to work in super good for you, remember if its feeling tough just take child’s pose and join in when your ready.
Are all your classes hot and how hot are they?

Our classes are heated to 28-33°C – the lower end of the heat are in the more slower restorative classes, so you stay warm and comfortable as you wont be generating your own body heat as you are moving slower the rough the postures, higher end of the heat is in the stronger classes, we add heat for a number of really beneficial reasons, your body’s connective and muscle tissue stretches easier while warm, your body works harder to keep cool so there for more calories are burned, it challenges you more mentally and physically as you focus through the heat, it helps aid detoxification and we live in the UK its bloody cold and nothing helps you feel more relaxed and cosy is coming in from the cold into a warm room.

How often should I practice to see results?

When starting yoga, its best to try and get in a minimum of 2-3 times week for 4-6 weeks, with in this time you really really start to feel the benefits, the results in yoga come quickly, progression is fast too as you are working on all aspects of your physical and mental Health, and because you are always working on flexibility you will recover quickly between practices so therefore less muscle soreness, the heat also helps with this too, the main thing is to do what you can, doing even once a week you will see benefits, we always encourage you should try to practice what you have learned with our amazing teachers at home, the Beauty of yoga is you don’t need any special equipment, just floor space, a mat and some dedication.

Do I need to be fit and bendy to practise yoga?

Of course not, you just need a desire to improve your overall well-being, Yogalife is for absolutely everyone, no matter what level of fitness or flexibility, we are the perfect place to start your journey of yoga. Our members are amazing, they help create an easy going atmosphere where you don’t need to feel self-conscious or feel as if you have to be in competition with anyone else. We encourage you to to work at their own pace, and most of all have fun.

What should I bring to class and how can I prepare?
  • Drink plenty of water leading up to class and we advise not to eat a heavy meal 2-3 hours before class.
  • Wear loose light clothing as its going to be Hot, its a good idea to be near the front of class or at least on the second row so its easy for our teachers to assist help if needed.
  • Notify the teacher of any injuries before class starts, if you feel more comfortable letting the receptionist know that’s fine too and she will pass the message on.
  • Never practice or push your body to pain, listen to your body always.
  • Bring a hand towel if possible.
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Bring a yoga mat, we recommend special none slip sticky mats, they are soooo worth it and definitely enhance your practice, we want you to be totally focussed and not worrying about slippy hands and feet, we sell specially designed Yogalife mats, please ask at reception for more details.
  • Smile at the people on the mat around you, our members are amazing and they will look out for you band help where they can.
What is your minimum/maximum age requirement?

Yogalife welcomes anyone from the age of 16 years and older, we do have some special seasonal classes that allow under 16 yrs and even baby yoga, please ask reception for more details or look out for news in our newsletters.

Do you have changing rooms / showers / parking?

Poynton – Has changing rooms, showers, free parking

Wilmslow – Has changing rooms, showers, free parking

Alderley edge – No changing rooms, showers, does have some parking

Note: Valuables can be taken into the studio, we have designated spaces for keys, phones bags.

Please make sure all phones are on silent.

Is there any studio etiquette I need to observe?
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class so you can can be nice and clam and not rushing.
  • The studio is our little sanctuary, so please make sure your phones are switched off, and be mindful of your volume.
  • Please try to stay for the full duration of the class, if you have to leave bang on time, please place yourself as close to the exit as possible, and notify the teacher of your timing so we know you are ok.
  • Please leave promptly as to allow time to prepare the studio for the next class.
  • Alway always be kind, if you see someone new to class, say hello and help them make feel welcome, remember we was all new ti yoga once and sometimes it can feel a bit daunting, so help spread the magical gift of yoga by been an amazing friendly Yogalife yogi.
How do I cancel my membership?

Please contact the studio you are a member of via e-mail, all we require is one months’ notice.