• De-stress
  • Energising
  • Fluid
  • Spiritually Focused

Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is a mid-paced style class that includes physical yoga sequences, breathing techniques, meditations and visualisations to create a sense of ecstatic bliss.

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The word tantra means to weave or expand. The idea with Tantra yoga, then, is to weave together many yoga practices, and other spiritual styles and teachings. These include Hatha yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Chakra yoga, Bhakti yoga & Raja yoga. When practiced consistently, Tantra Yoga can help you get in tune with who you are, achieve your goals, deepen your relationship with those around you.

Level: All


  • Deepens connection to self
  • Improves physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Improves cardiorespiratory health
  • Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety

Enjoy the moment.