4 March 2021

Creating The Perfect At Home Yoga Environment

During lockdown we’ve all had to adapt our home to make it multifunctional. Many workers are now taking meetings at their dining table, the spare room is now an office, and our homes are basically now where we do EVERYTHING. Work, play, teach, relax and workout.

One of the fantastic things about heading to the yoga studio is that the mood, the vibe, the ambience, the temperature – it’s all taken care of for you to ensure you have the perfect environment for your yoga practice. It’s a little slice of tranquility away from your everyday life where you can focus on yourself. But we haven’t been able to have much of that during the past year or so.

We’re thrilled so many of you have taken part in our online yoga classes and to say a massive thank you we wanted to share our tips on how to create the perfect at home yoga environment. Enjoy!

Find space

You ideally need to find a space that is wide enough for maneuvering around your mat. You need a space that’s free of clutter and where you feel free to move around without fear of knocking something over.

Calm your space

A light coloured wall gives off a calming effect compared to extremely dark coloured walls – so if you can find a calming light space, great! Plain walls also work better than patterned, busy walls as you don’t want to be easily distracted. It’s best to find a space where you’re not going to be disturbed by a family member or a pet – if you can find somewhere that is just for you it will be perfect.

Clean your space

Once you’ve found your sacred space for your at home yoga practice, make sure you keep it clean and mess free. Keep the ground or any surrounding tables free of dust and clutter to create good, positive and mindful energy that will inform your practice.

Scent your space

Aromatherapy and scents can play a huge role in your yoga practice and the use of natural essential oils can have many beneficial and therapeutic effects. Different aromatherapy oils can have different effects so be mindful of which ones you choose. For example, lavender helps us destress and unwind while lemon energises the body and mind.

Personalise your space

At the end of the day, when you’re doing online yoga classes, your home space has to work for you. So these are only our suggestions and we of course advise you to create a space that you enjoy practicing yoga in!