Start with an active pranayama (breath work) such as Ujjayi or Kapalbhati to awaken both the body and mind, followed by mobilisation postures into gentle sun salutation to slowly warm the body, readying you for some active strong flowing yoga. As always, finish in Savasana and it’s here where you will set your Intentions and your focus for the day/week ahead. Through a morning yoga class, you are setting your internal GPS so your body and mind have the clarity and focus for the day ahead.

Benefits of a morning yoga class are:

  • Kick starts your metabolic rate right from the get go (fat burning)
  • Mobilises the body and focuses the mind ready for the day/week ahead
  • Balances the hormones to increase mental awareness and wellness
  • Energises the body and removes brain fog
  • Tones and strengthens the core, body and mind
  • Helps to prevent and manage injuries

Here at YogaLife, we have an array of morning yoga classes for you to choose from, simply take a look at our class timetable to see what we have available near you.


Incredibly talented & supportive teachers, warm friendly atmosphere (not to mentioned the heat!) with awesome music & mood enhancing oils / aromas. Love it!

Lyndsey Jelly