8 February 2021

Staying active while working from home

 There are many advantages to working from home. No daily commute, sweatpants every day, time with your dog and just a better work/life balance in general. But one of the disadvantages is that it’s only too easy to stop being active. Staying active while working from home is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing, and if you’ve been struggling with it, here are our top tips to keep you moving.

Get into a routine

Outlining a routine that includes your regular exercise will help you stay active. Planning ahead and creating a set time will make it a non-negotiable and will make sure you actually have time to get in some activity.

Use what you have at home

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have lots of fancy gym equipment. You can do bodyweight training such as push-ups, sit-ups and squats that will still be beneficial to you. And if you want to up the weight go to the kitchen and grab a bag of sugar or some tins!

Move every hour

It’s not good to sit down for long periods of time but it’s really easy to do if you’ve got settled comfortably on the sofa and you’re concentrating on work. Before you know it it’s been 4 hours and you haven’t moved a muscle! While you might get a lot of work done this way, it can put you at increased risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure – plus burnout! Make sure you get up and move every hour. Set a timer to remind you!

Use your lunch hour to get outside

It’s important whilst you’re working from home to take breaks and that includes a full lunch hour. Why not use this time to get a little fresh air and a walk in? If you have any parks or green spaces near your home even better!

Take advantage of online classes

The digital age has given us access to so many opportunities during this lockdown period and one of those things is a variety of online classes. Whatever you enjoy doing, yoga, HIIT, weight training and whatever your ability, you’ll find the class for you online. So while you might not be able to get to the gym, you can still do what you enjoy with the help of an instructor. We’re running online yoga classes whilst our studios are closed and we’ve had such a fantastic response so far. Plus, it’s been lovely to have some interaction with our regular yogis and it’s been fabulous seeing so many new people join!