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“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.” ― Maya Angelou Class Description This class offers a...

Stuart Pilkington

"Best Yoga classes ever! They spent time knowing my name, my limitations and helping me feel comfortable."

Yoga Student

"Just got back from my first session, how wonderful. Just booked 10 sessions that sums it up! Brilliant & welcoming"

"Its an amazing experience that has helped in most aspects of my life not just the physical exercise but its also taught me so much about relaxation &; meditation. I was so inspired I have now graduated to become a Yoga Life teacher!"

Mark Lee
Yoga Student & Teacher

Yoga Life changed my Life. I feel more connected to me, more energised and I was inspired to become a Yoga Life teacher. I now teach a rang of Yoga styles at both studio's.

Aneta Snow
Yoga Student & Teacher

"Such a special place. Incredibly talented & supportive teachers, warm friendly atmosphere."

Lyndsey Kelly-Aberie
Yoga Student

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The Yoga Warrior

Underlying each yoga asana a story can be found. Some of these stories are ancient myths that can reflect to us our own deepest drives,...

Time To Reflect

The answer is yes, because we all suffer. By “suffer” I’m referring to all adverse experiences we face in our lives. Anything from heartbreak too...